Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are a smart way to increase the size and value of your home when you don’t have enough garden space for a home extension. Our team at Knights Builders Oxford has years of experience in all the various types of attic conversion, including the following:

FLAT ROOF DORMER LOFT CONVERSION – this is a popular choice among customers who are unable or unwilling to make dramatic changes to their home. A flat roof dormer conversion involves the construction of a wall on the slope of your roof, followed by the construction of a flat roof.

MANSARD LOFT CONVERSION – this kind of conversion entails the construction of a horizontal extension to your roof, combined with a wall angled at seventy degrees downwards. This kind of loft conversion is typically done at the rear of the house and is popular among terraced house owners.

HIP TO GABLE LOFT CONVERSION – this involves the removal of the sloping part of your roof on one or both sides of your house, followed by the construction of a triangular vertical wall.

SKYLIGHTS (VELUX) – roof lights are the simplest kind of loft conversion, because they do not entail structural changes to your roof. Instead, they involve the addition of skylight windows to your loft, which can dramatically increase its value and usefulness. Roof light conversions can change a loft from a dark space to a bright living area that can be used for additional bedrooms or workspace. Knights Builders Oxford has many years of experience in the design, planning and delivery of loft conversion projects – call us today to start your loft conversion project!

Loft Conversion
Loft Conversions
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