How is the average extension costed?

When it comes to property development there is no ‘one size fits all’. Furthermore, ground condition, ease of access and location need to be considered as these will affect the budget. These factors are taken into account when providing a quote.

Is my space suitable for conversion?

Not all space is suitable. For example, a loft must be a height of 2 meters allowing for beams and suspended floor and ridge beam.
Party walls
If you share an adjoining wall with neighbours there may be restrictions on what can be done.
One of our consultants will be happy to take measurements and discuss the suitability of your space.

How can I be sure that my conversion project meets British standards?

We can arrange for an independent inspector to ensure your project meets British regulations.

Am I covered against loss, accident or damage?

Yes. Knights Builders are covered by public liability insurance up to …

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